Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Secular Zionism --> Ghettoism

It is ironic that secular Zionism has been running away from the caricature of the ghetto Jew for a century and a half. Why? Because on Friday, Ynet ran an interview with the past general of the South Command (if I recall correctly). When asked if Israel would win its battle against terror, he answered, "That all depends on how you define 'winning'. If you mean surviving, we are already winning..."

According to him, winning simply means that the enemy has not wiped out the Jewish Nation completely. A far cry from a State defending its citizens and borders. A far cry from 'וימס לבבם', the melting of hearts that occured in the ancient enemies of Israel.

Perhaps when our generals and politicians once again consider every Israeli life worth fighting for, our army will be able to return to the true definition of 'winning'. But this will only happen when Torah once again animates their souls. Without torah, we will keep redefining 'success' to match whatever depths to which we sink.