Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Olmert, Step Down

Ynet reports that Moshe Moskel received a call yesterday from the police. Moshe, father of Rafnael, a soldier who fell in Lebanon, made headlines last week in his heckling and general disruption of the Prime Minister at Kadima's 'Raise a Glass' ceremony. While at the event, Olmert tried to maintain his composure and minimize the continued interruptions by Moshe and other protestors. However, it is clear now that Olmert is scared of popular protest, and has begun to intimidate anyone who disagrees with him.

When Moshe picked up the phone, an officer with the police asked if he could come visit bringing along an intelligence officer. The police visited, and finally asked if Moshe planned to protest at a memorial service planned for the dead soldiers the next day. Moshe said that there is a difference between a Kadima celebration and a memorial service.

I wonder what would have happened if Moshe had answered, "Yes, I plan to protest!". The implication of sending two police officers to your door is that you better not try anything. We are watching you. Based on worse events that have happened to others in Israel, Moshe probably would have been arrested, or taken in for a day or two of questioning, or at least be told he was forbidden from going near the service.

So, if I have it straight, you can be the father of a hero, you could even be a hero yourself, but if you disagree with Olmert, and voice your opinion, you will be intimidated into submission by his goons.

A corrupt judiciary and its enforcing arm, the police, are the subject of many prophecies. Throughout the exile, I am sure people wondered, "we don't have judges or police who are Jews today. What could this prophecy talking about?" The State of Israel has opened our eyes. May we quickly merit the blessing: "And I will return you judges as of old, and your advisors, Zion in justice shall be redeemed..."

We Jews deserve better leaders. Olmert, Peretz, Peres, et al, step down!