Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Israel, the Jewish State, For How Long?

Well, it is up to us.

CBS studied the demographics of Israel, and found that the Jewish majority in Israel has lost 1.8% in the past five years, while the Arabs grew 1.1%.

Most troubling is the fact that the average Jew is about 30 years old, while the average Muslim is 19. 25.6% of the Jews are below 15, as compared to 42.6% of Muslims.

We are in the throes of an extended war over our very existance. The Arab birthrate is much higher than ours. They are younger than us. They are killing us quietly with their babies, while we talk of a road map, or the latest drivel to come out of the Quartet. We attempt to guarantee a halt to missile and suicide attacks, or to get the Arabs to acknowledge our right to exist. But that is all a red herring. Even without one bomb, one dead Jew, one war, the Arabs can win. They will simply keep having babies, and use the tools of the Israeli democracy to destroy it!

What can we do?

1) We must expell the the hateful, anti-Israel population, and transfer them from our land. This is what any sane country would do, and indeed, a number of them did, immediately after WWII. This is already being discussed.(This one is for our government to fulfill.)

2) We must raise the Jewish birthrate. Every baby we have is defensive armor against a future bloodless Islamic revolution in Israel. We must encourage Jewish young people to marry and have children. We lost six million less than 70 years ago, and we must rebuild our nation.

3) On a smaller scale, we must do our best to stop unneccessary abortions in the Jewish population. According to Efrat, almost 150 babies a day are aborted in Jewish Israel! Efrat is a beautiful organization that counsels Jewish women to carry a pregnancy through to term, and provides financial assitance after the birth. We must support organizations like Efrat, where the value of each Jewish life is taken seriously.

May we be blessed with a safe, peaceful year, and may our eyes swiftly see the redemption of our beloved people in our beloved land, and gain spiritual nourishment from G-d's divine presence.

Arutz-7 quotes Yoram Ettinger, a member of an Israeli-American Association that critiques the government's demographic studies.

He states that since 1995, Jewish births increased by 30%, while the Arab births slowly lowered.

Also, he mentions Arab emigration from Israel, and Jewish immigration to Israel, and notes that the governmental figures often leave facts such as these out.

The momentum is slowly, slowly moving in Jewish Israel's favor, it seems.

We cannot let our guard down, but this information gives me some positive feelings about the demographic issue.