Thursday, October 26, 2006

More Arabs Want to Leave Israel

According to this report, more Arabs than ever desire to emigrate from Israel, including Judah, Shomron and Gaza.

Instead of evicting Jews from their homes, the Israeli govenment should be offering financial incentives to Arabs to move out. According to the Israeli government's website, the Disengagement cost $2 billion. If a fraction of that money were offered to Arabs as an incentive to leave, I believe we could solve many issues easily and non-violently.

MK Elon re-suggested this at Ze'evi's memorial service in the Knesset. The idea of 'transfer' has been breached by the Disengagement. No one on the Left can any longer say that it is immoral to transfer a population (even against their will). Perhaps this is the silver lining of the Disengagement, and a turning point in Israel's political history.

I sure hope so.