Thursday, October 05, 2006

Existential Fear

Ynet reports that some reliable sources close to high-level decision makers in Israel (it is not very clear of whom they speak) are now murmuring fears for Israel's continued existance. Iran, Syria, Hezbullah and Hamas are arming and sabre-rattling, while in Israel, petty politics are, as usual, the order of business.

It is interesting that the government that promised a stronger Israel than ever after the Disengagement is, a year later, worried about her very existance. Olmert, Peretz, Chalutz, Rabbi Weiss, and all those who supported the Expulsion, thank you for securing us...

But, ignoring blame, I find this fear refreshing. Usually, we find our military and foreign policy experts full of ego and huberis over their abilities to protect and ensure Israel. They constantly fall into the trap of 'כחי ועוצם ידי', believing that it is we alone who protect our country, and ignoring the fact that it is God who protects us. Let us pray that this reality check wakes our citizenry up, and shakes the blinders off the eyes of our leaders. It is precisely by understanding our own inadequecies, and God's omnipotence, that we can place our faith in Him, and defend our nation to the best of our ability. When we are unsure of ourselves, we return to God.

Remember, the world, Israel included, was predicting our destruction in 1967. It is from the lowest point that we rise highest. May our fear bring about national repentance, and may we realize that our salvation comes from God. Only then can we truly go to battle with the name of Hashem on our lips.