Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Imam Says Rape, Murder Non-Muslims

In a chilling video from London, a muslim cleric says that all non-Muslims automatically do not believe in God, and that their rape and murder is sanctioned by Islam.

No Muslim is to be condemned for any action, while all things non-Muslim must be hated.

But, as shul candyman says, we really should just make a salha (peace party) with them! That is really how we can turn this hatred around...

My goodness. How incredibly naive, eminently arrogant and patronizing, or willfully blind can he be?

The Arab problem with Israel is not some minor offense that we committed against their honor; it is that we stole (in their minds) their land!

Let us say that someone came into your house, and said, "This is now my house". After 50 years of legal battles, he approaches you and says, "come, let us make peace: here, you can have this bedroom, and half of that bathroom."

You would not say, "yes, peace is the answer". You would say, "the whole house is mine!"

In the same way, the Arabs won't relinquish their perceived right to the land because candyman has decided he would like to make peace. They will just use it as a staging area for their next attack.

The only real response is, "NO! the whole land is ours as an inheritance, from God!"

Parenthetically, as this video shows, it does not end with Israel. As Holy Hyrax correctly notes, dar al harb circumscribes the entire world, as well. Israel happens to be the canary in the coal mine for global jihad, and it will not spare you if you make Arab friends (as candyman suggests American Jews do). The people who hacked women and children to death in Hevron 1929 were neighbors and friends! They said "hello" every morning, they shopped together, visited, and yet, when the opportunity arose, they slaughtered.