Tuesday, November 28, 2006

God Save Us from Olmert

Ynet reports that Olmert has met with representatives of the European Union. See, Israel and the Arabs have been maintaining a cease-fire for two days now. Israel has withdrawn her troops from many provocative positions, to the dismay of army brass. The IDF's ability to defend its citizens, and fulfill the most fundamental of its tasks, is severely hampered by this political-minded move. Our good faith is evident to the Europeans and Americans, who have expressed their approval of Israel's (suicidal) actions. So, it is only natural that representatives of the EU would meet with Olmert to pet him, and coo, 'there's a good boy...'

However, Olmert was not to be toyed with. He is not putty in the hands of the UN or EU. He had some serious allegations that he made sure to forcefully present to his handlers.

For in reality, the Arabs have not played by the cease-fire rules at all. They are still firing Kassams into Israel. And so, the one-sided cease-fire continues.

And how did Olmert, stalwart leader of Israel, describe his outrage at the unprovoked Arab aggression? Quoth he, 'We are a bit dissappointed by the ongoing rocket attacks into the South by the Palestinians.' Valiant, brave, protective leader, thank you for your gallant defense of our southern communities.

Seriously now, what the heck is wrong with this guy? He is foolish to the point of evil! You have an army, you have the capability to destroy the Arab ability to endanger Jews forever, and yet you appeal to the EU? And how you appeal, is mind boggling: you are a bit dissappointed? Are you serious? How about 'we are outraged, and the Arabs have one hour to stop this. If there is one more rocket, we will level Gaza.'?!

The emperor has no clothes, and we must throw the nitwit in jail.